AI Technology

Make impossible possible!

Our software uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to continuously learn new website structure and website elements.

It can continuously and dynamically update the contact us page database that can be submitted by the software.

When searching on the Internet, for those contact us websites that have not been identified and could not be submitted before,the software can learn the new data through artificial intelligence, the variables of the database are constantly increasing and more and more tables become submittable.

Submitting your personalized message directly to contact us page of tens of thousands of websites in a few clicks.

Do you need an auto submitter to any Contact Us forms of any websites?

Brand new way of email marketing,

Directly target at potential customers.

Led by digital marketing, e-commerce enterprises have decided to spend more and focus more on online businesses, so why not contact them directly to get in touch? AISubmitter 100% works well at targeting your potential customers.

You can decide:

1.Your personal information to submit

2.How to search

3.Where to search

4.How many urls to search each time or in total

Why we are different from others?

How it works?

Main functions

Submit to “Contact us” automatically: send direct message to “ contact us” forms in any websites.

Bulk Sending Fast: Send messages to unlimited “contact us” forms per day.

More and more Forms/Websites Flexibility: Collect data based on daily usage and update the forms frequently with more and more users' database using Artificial Intelligence. If you keep using it you will find it supports more web pages and fill in more forms day by day, since it keeps learning and updating everyday just like human.<br> Import variables from CSV. Files: In AISubmitter, you can now import variables in bulk via CSV.

Easy to use: Simple software interface and simple task settings.

Urls Crawler: Scrape Unlimited URLS from search engines, google, yahoo , bing. You don’t have to search and find URLS manually.

More exposure easily: Reach more potential customers through mass messages.

Search through keyword: Search through keywords from available websites

Built-in Proxy Harvester: This is another amazing feature of AISubmitter. Thanks to this feature, you don't need to buy proxy or spending hours to find proxy anymore. Every time you run your tasks, this software will automatically find public proxies that work

Auto bypass recaptcha: It supports 2recaptcha bypass service to deal with captchas automatically.

Avoid duplicate content: Choose if you need to avoid repeat content when running the task

Manipulate data: User-friendly tables, lists and variables can be used to process advanced data.

Customize Browser Settings: Customize browser settings fast and easily, like proxy, UserAgent, Header and directory for downloaded file settings etc.

Manage Cookie and Cache: Easy to manage and operate cookie and cache at any time.


More: Much more not listed here...

Update: Lifetime Free update

Want More Functions Not In This Software?

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